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Butter Bar

Butter Bar

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Our very own Butter Chocolate Bars! These gourmet chocolate bars are a generous 3oz of premium chocolate each made with a blend of inclusions developed lovingly by the Butter team. 

The Almond Coffee Toffee Bar is made with a 64% Dark Chocolate Couverture and is filled with toasted almonds, honeycomb toffee that is infused with coffee adding a complimentary flavor of this gluten free and vegan unique bar.

The Strawberry Cornflake Bar is a blend of 35% Milk Chocolate Couverture, 36% Caramelized Milk Chocolate Couverture, and 33% White Chocolate and Roasted Corn Couverture. This bar has the same toasty caramelized quality as our signature namesake cookie, with the interesting twist of roasted corn.




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